How to survive a lockdown for work and eCommerce

Changes to our economy have forced the nation to change.  We are moving into an entirely online lifestyle.  This means everything is tracked.  Our own business has to change many things that we do in order to meet local regulations and also to meet the new needs of our customers.  The economy moved into a nearly entirely e-commerce focused market and for us that meant we had to adapt.  For our own company, we ended up cutting costs to adapt by doing our own marketing in-house.  Now, we normally paid other companies to do the tedious work of shipping out thank you boxes, or shipping our marketing mailers.  This was no longer the case because prices went higher and we needed to be a more lien business to adapt to this new market. One of the ways was just like I said to do our own marketing. If you want to servive this new world you must adapt.  I hope to give a few tips to help.

Our company had to be flexible and that was a good thing.  The first thing we had to do was to break down all the different types of marketing we did.  Our company does email marketing, corporate gifting, and actual direct mailing.  Corporate gifting and direct mail were the major transitions and something we had to jump full into.  Our sales team always did the email marketing and the digital side we decided to simply stop running ads. This meant that we needed to break down the different pieces of internal work and figure out how we could get it done.

When in doubt you use what worked in the past.  We reverse engineered all our old projects that were done for us.  We used those as a guide and brought in a designer to work on all the design work for gifts, boxes, and letters.  The next section was being able to put all of those pieces together and this is where it got complicated. It turns out the number of shipping supplies needed was a very large amount.  Luckily, since we were doing this in-house the cost of putting it together would be less if we took our own time to put it together on top of our normal jobs. 

If we all took turns we found out we could all get it done together. We tried to place each task in the amount we could complete in an hour because each hour would be done by a different set of people.  So we ordered shipping supplies from a packaging supply company which also helped us get the correct products we needed.  It turns out most marketing companies use packaging supply companies in order to send these items out so the customer service agent for that store was amazing in helping us get the right boxes, the correct tape, and so on. 

The scheduling took a bit of work but we found some fun crews to do it.  We had a room that would allow for the six-foot space regulations and we started to pump out our own marketing material.  The costs of this cut our marketing budget in half.  So in the future, if we want to do more we simply can. This was a quick way to pivot and I hope it gives you some ideas as well. 

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