The Difference Between Single-Wound And Centerfold Shrink Film

While searching for shrink film for your company’s packaging needs, you will have to choose from two types of film: single-would and centerfold shrink film. You may wonder which type is right for your products.

At this point, you might want to roll the dice and pick the type of shrink film based on it, hoping it to work out. Nonetheless, the best practice is to choose the correct film. For this purpose, you will have to understand the differences between both types.

In this article, we will discuss both these types a bit briefly.

Single-wound shrink film

This shrink film comes in form of a flat sheet wrapped onto a roll. These films are also known as flat or single-layer films. These films are used in the packaging of a lot of consumer goods.

Most shrink films range from 45 to 60 gauges. The widths range between 16.25 and 30 inches. You can discuss with your packaging supplier if you want to opt for a custom size.

This shrink film generally consists of PVC, making it an ideal option for lightweight products and general-purpose product packaging. You can also go for polyolefin, which is an ideal option for packaging toys, games, and multi-packs. While a few types of PVC are good for food packaging, all polyolefin shrink films are food-grade, hence approved by the FDA.

The product packaging process involving single-wound shrink film wraps the product from the front and back. At the bottom is an electric or static seal. This seal holds overlapping layers of the film.

It may be worth mentioning that some of the shrink films are appropriate for mailing. They usually meet mailing standards and USPS T-3204 regulations.

What is centerfold shrink film?

The film folded length-wise in half is known as centerfold shrink film. This folded film is then folded onto a roll. Getting a 20-inch wide centerfold shrink film means that it will unfold into 40-inch width.

This film also comes in PVC and polyolefin. If you want to pack lightweight products, PVC is the right option to consider. Polyolefin, on the other hand, is appropriate for the packaging of multi-packs and game boards. All polyolefin films are appropriate for food packaging.

Polyolefin film generally ranges from 10 to 30 inches in width. The gauge thickness of this film ranges between 45 and 60. The average footage on the roll can range from 2,625 feet to 5,830 feet.

This shrink film is ideal for packaging applications that use tabletop shrink machinery. Nonetheless, this film can be used on any machinery that can accommodate centerfold shrink film.

This film allows you to wrap the product from the front, back, and side before the product enters the heating tunnel.

Which option is right for you?

You will have to consider some factors while choosing between these two types. For instance, you may want to choose a single-wound shrink film if the appearance of the product matters to you. And if you have to wrap taller packages, you can consider using centerfold shrink film.

You may discuss your requirements with your packaging supplier to explore different options.